Friday September 13th


Dick Bertram Memorial Tournament 06:00-16:00

For those of you interested in fishing the Memorial Tournament on your way to the Rendezvous the rules and weighing sheet can be found HERE. This event was added to the Rendezvous schedule for the first time this year after a big interest in a fishing tournament at last years rendezvous. It should be a great way to kick off the rendezvous festivities for those of you who want to get out on the water and fish.  


Rendezvous Registration 10:00-20:00

Friday is casual for everyone arriving and getting tied up. There will be dock attendants to assist with tying up commencing at 10:00. The Rendezvous registration desk opens at 13:00. Check in at the registration desk to get your T-shirts and Captain swag bag as well as purchase raffle tickets, view the silent auction items, and sign up for the rendezvous events. We will be monitoring VHF CH 71.   

The weigh-in station on the back deck of the Off Hand will be open at 16:00 for those who choose to fish the memorial tournament.  Once you're all fast make sure you check in at the registration desk to get your T-shirts and swag bag. 


Cocktail Party and Fish Weighing 16:00-18:00

Sip on a nice cold refreshing beer sponsored by Evans Manufacturing or whip up a cocktail and cruise the docks to meet the rest of the group. Official cocktail party starts at 17:00 but do not let the "official" time hold you back. Fish weighing from the Memorial Tournament will commence at 16:00 on the stern of the Off Hand, come by and check out the catch of the day.


“Taco Dock” 18:00-20:00

The locally world-famous Taco company “Tacos Cocos” will be set up and start serving on the dock at 6pm sponsored by The Marine Group Boatworks. They will be serving the following: carne asada, marinated pork, and chicken., grilled onions and jalapenos, cilantro, onions, limes, red sauce, green sauce, home-made corn and flour tortillas, and rice and beans. Additionally The Marine Group has been kind enough to sponsor ice cold beverages for you to enjoy while eating your tacos. 

Saturday September 14th


Bloody Mary Bar 08:00-10:00

The Bloody Mary – a weekend brunch essential, a hangover cure, a meal in a glass, and so much more. Whether you’ve been searching for the best bloody for years, or you’ve just recently come to find that you like them, the Bertram Rendezvous has the best bloody mary on the West Coast of the Americas - or at least Alamitos Bay sponsored by Rockenwagner Bakery and the Crew aboard The Stayin' Salty.


Casting Tourney 11:00-12:30

You may not have won the Dick Bertram Memorial, but here is your chance to save your fishing reputation at the Annual Dave Napier Cast-Off! Last year's winner Joe Petro, aboard the Heatwave, is looking to defend his title in this year’s single elimination bracket tournament. This is an all-ages tournament that will be sure to test your ability to put your bait in the perfect spot. Tournament gear this year will be Shimano Trinidad 12s with a 3.75-ounce surface iron on a 20-60 black diamond 7-foot rod. The objective is to cast the hookless surface iron into a floating 6-foot hoop. Each angler will receive 5 casts to get the iron into the hoop, one point will be awarded per successful attempt. The angler with the most points will advance to the next round. In the event the anglers have a tie at the end of the 5 casts, it will go into sudden death where the first person who has a successful attempt will move on. Beverages and trophies sponsored by The Wenthur Law Group. 


History of Bertram (Happening all day, pick up your quiz card at the registration desk)

Multiple choice quiz testing your knowledge of Dick, Ray, Dave, and the legendary brand they created. 20 question multiple choice quiz that will test your Bertram knowledge. Score cards will be graded, and the winner will be awarded the “American Moppie Trophy” for Bertram Knowledge. Trophies sponsored by Avalon Logo Wear and West Marine.


Surveyor for a Day 13:00-14:00

Spend an hour or so with Southern California’s top Marine Surveyor. Our special guest has surveyed hundreds of Bertrams over his long career as an ABYC Marine Surveyor, including about 40 percent of the boats here at the Rendezvous. He will be guiding us through tricks and tips aboard our boats than can guarantee our boats continue to be in top condition. 


Group Photo 16:00-16:10

Group photo and drone footage by the White Strobe Photographic. Throw on your new Rendezvous swag or best Bertram gear and hit the dock for a group boat and owner shot.


Craft the 'Most' Bertram Cocktail 17:00-18:00

When Dick Bertram, Ray Hunt, David Napier, and Michael Peters designed our legendary craft, not only did they provide us with a great ride, they gave us a great cockpit for cocktailing. This version of a Bertram Cocktail Competition will allow your top mixologist onboard to get creative and build their favorite cocktail that will be worthy of the Bertram name. For those vessels who are interested in competing, small glasses will be provided for judging purposes. Starting at 17:00 other rendezvous'ers will be given score cards and will go boat to boat to grade your creation. At the end of the contest one boat and her signature cocktail will be awarded the Signature Bertram Cocktail award. Sponsored by Vaughts Yachts and AO Coolers


Cocktail Party, Potluck Dinner, and Raffle 17:00-?

Enjoy your favorite cocktail from the cocktail contest or sip on a nice cold refreshing beer tonight sponsored by Seakeeper and Garmin. and cruise the docks before the legendary Bertram Potluck. The potluck is a true rendezvous staple. Bring your favorite appetizer or side to share with the group. The main course will be tri-tip, sponsored and cooked by long-dock renowned Chef Richard Vaught of Vaught’s Yacht Sales.  Ice cold beer will be available sponsored by Maritime Consultant Inc.

Sunday September 15th



Wake up, nurse your hangover, and help clean up the Long Dock so we're graciously invited back to LBYC, and disembark at your leisure! See you in Catalina or at the next Bertram Rendezvous!