September 11th-13th 2020

The Long Beach Yacht Club

This is an event unlike any other.... inspired by tradition, driven by excellence.

The Rendezvous Overview


To simply sum it up, it's all about…. FUN. The rendezvous is an opportunity to get together with a bunch of great people who share our passion for Bertrams. The event is three days of relaxing on the water, enjoying the camaraderie of other boaters, sharing sea stories, talking about solutions to boat issues, showing off your engine room, having a beer, enjoying a great meal, or just simply relaxing. We started this event expecting it to be small, 5-10 boats, but never imagined the positive response from the Southern California Bertram community. Last year, we had 29 boats and over 100 people attend and it was so fun we decided to do it again. Here on the website you can find the schedule of events and more information, as well as pictures from last years event. We hope to see you again at this legendary event!

The 2020 Bertram Rendezvous